An Uprising Epistle to this Forlorn Arab World (II)

Ghiath El-marzouk
2019 / 2 / 1

An Uprising Epistle to this Forlorn Arab World (II)

Ghiath El-Marzouk

Those who can make you believe follies and absurdities,
can also make you commit enormities and atrocities!

An Uprising Epistle to this Forlorn Arab World!

It is the duty of (the) intellectuals and their obligation to express the word of truth whatever this word may be, and to disclose all sorts of fabrication and falsehood wherever they exist. There exists a multitude of quasi- and pseudo-intellectuals who do not cease to intimately condemn the culture of servility towards the impertinence of tyrants, while at heart they are the most lowly and most servile servitors towards the emptiness of (high-sounding) slogans.

In the wake of the so-called national (or nationalist) liberation movements in our gravely wounded countries on all sides, the European colonizers had aspired, with the assistance of these Arab authoritarian regimes acting as their watchdogs (and in addition to those quasi- and pseudo-intellectuals acting as their subservient adherents in turn), had aspired to produce generations that were entirely depleted of all meanings of freedom and dignity, generations which did not possess any cultural aspect that would transform them from mere existence into full awareness of such existence. This is precisely what this Syrian regime of criminal sectarian Mafiosi has done so thoroughly and so faithfully for more than forty years.

Yet these entirely depleted generations are no more than generations produced to be slaves and serfs to power, generations that do pledge allegiance to this barbarously monstrous Fascist regime, generations that are certainly doomed to degeneration and disintegration and disappearance, especially in the face of those who launched, and will still launch, this popular revolution with determination and resolution after they had launched it with souls and blood.

[Epistle II]



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