Women of the World Unite (III)

Ghiath El-marzouk
2019 / 3 / 6

Women of the World Unite (III)

Ghiath El-Marzouk

Indications of male chauvinism started to appear,
When they invented [the idea] that God was a visual man.
Luis Vidales

Women of the World Unite!

Know that all monotheistic religions are, in effect, theological systems which are founded first and foremost on the manliness of God as a being in its entirety, and that this manliness has before long become a diachronic motivation for all those male-sexist predilections and tendencies which have been adopted consciously (or, rather, unconsciously) by the majority of the sons of Adam from place to place towards the majority of the daughters of Eve in the course of time. The inception of such male-sexist predilections and tendencies is most heinously exemplified in the first of childbirth laws, as enunciated by this (manly) God in the twelfth chapter of the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament: If a woman conceives and bears a male, she is unclean for seven days. Just like the days of her menstruation, she is unclean. [] If she conceives and gives birth to a female, she is unclean for two weeks, just like her menstruation, she is unclean. She must then wait sixty-six days to be completely purified from her bleeding.

Whereas, neither in the field of biology nor in the field of gynaecology, has it been scientifically proven with conclusive evidence that such a mythical assumption is true, an assumption which is still taken for granted in its biblical formulation to this day, but whose intention is no more than a religious (or theological) artifice simply and solely fabricated to sustain the metaphysical emphasis on chauvinistic discrimination between the two sexes in favour of the male rather than the female!

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