Women of the World Unite (VI)

Ghiath El-marzouk
2021 / 3 / 31

Women of the World Unite (VI)

Ghiath El-Marzouk

No one is more aggressive, more arrogant,
[And] more scornful towards women,
Than the man who is [so] fearful
For his virility [at every flash of acumen]!
Simone de Beauvoir

Women of the World Unite!

Know that any form of masculine aggression which you experience (with all the sub-forms of arrogance and scornfulness that this aggression would entail in the course of time) is nothing but a syndrome of obsessional neurosis annihilating a very precious part of what the male in question imagines to be a realm of freedom, a delusively phantasmal realm where he rambles aimlessly once in a while whether the form of masculine aggression manifests itself overtly, covertly (or even in a state swaying in between). Know also that by sheer beginning, by beginning with liberating yourselves from the yoke of such masculine aggression, you certainly begin with the real path towards security and protection even the inception of the universe itself has been patently revealed out of the original signification of liberated being from the very outset of human creation, either exemplified in the ancient mythical texts (or represented by extension in the religious texts themselves).

Therefore, there does not exist any social (or even any political) liberation without feminine emancipation, nor, conversely, does there exist any feminine emancipation without social (or even political) liberation: and as it is not possible for slavery by compulsion to derive its mere validity from any mythical personification (or even reification), it is equally not possible for liberty by conviction to derive its mere credibility from any religious personification (or even reification)!

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