The wicked Hitler

Kalil Chikha
2023 / 3 / 8

I used to hear a phrase from elderly people, " Hajj Hitler ". Sometimes out of irony and others out of admiration. An old woman told me that this phrase was popularized during World War II to spite France, which was mandated to Syria at that time. The other reason is that Hitler had celebrated Hajj "Amin al-Husseini" during World War II, when he encouraged him to form an army of Bosnian Muslims consisting of 100 thousand soldiers to fight the allies at that time, as he claimed. Had Hitler succeeded, he would have colonized the Arab countries instead of France and Britain. It is no secret that Hitler put the Arabs at the bottom of human civilization, as he classified the world into peoples who produce civilization, such as the Germanics, and peoples who benefit from civilization, such as the Asian and Eastern European peoples, and the Arab peoples who are not producers of civilization, but are carriers of it. What is meant here are the translations of Greek philosophy and science in the Abbasid era. Therefore, Arabs did not develop any science, as he stated.
I remember when I was in high school, I bought the book “My Struggle” and with it Akkad’s book “Hitler in the scale” from a man who used to sell books in the middle of the market, where he would come every morning from his village and arrange the books on the wall of the garden, then he would stand still looking at the ground like a plank. He had a very gloomy looking face and would not negotiate any prices. The man sold used and forbidden books. You might find with him books such as “One Hundred Scientific Proofs for the Existence of God”´-or-“Critique of Religious Thought” by Jalal Sadiq Al-Azm´-or-“Communism is infidelity and Atheism” and many Marxist books that were sent by the Soviet -union- to Khaled Bakdash during that period and then His group sold it to this man,´-or-the "black book" of Al-Ghadry on Abdel Nasser s experience in unity with Syria.
I bought the two books from the wooden man and read them in just two nights. Hitler had known what he wanted since the beginning of his political career. What I did not like about Al-Akkad s book, despite its high literary style, is that it lacks sources: it is classified within literature more than it is classified in politics. One time, Hitler was so impressed with painting, to the point he enrolled in the College of Fine Arts, but his teacher advised him to go to civil engineering instead of the arts because the lines he was drawing were sharp and lifeless.
After the World War and the defeat of Hitler, France was strong in Syria again, and it was threatening to imprison everyone who admired "Hitler", So, another title came out to ridicule the defeated Hitler, "Hitler Abu Fatila (wick)". In order to understand Hitler s behavior, we must understand him on a psychological level, which was shaped by a painful and sad childhood. He had a paramilitary father who worked in the customs, where he was married three times and was violent with the family. He used to beat him and his mother in a frantic way, in such a way that he mentioned this to one of his peers, saying: I once determined not to cry again when my father beat me with a whip. A few days later, I had the chance to put my will to the test. My mother had stood in horror sheltering behind the door. As for me, I silently counted the number of blows that were raining down on my ass.” This violence later shaped the personality of this man whom people consider a war criminal. As for the political personality, it was formed by the humiliating defeat of Germany in the First World War. Therefore, the German people were ready to line up behind Satan in order to avenge their defeat. In fact, the German people have a special feature within the West, as they lived in rebellion against the Roman Empire and fought against it, and the Germanic tribes posed a great threat to the empire with the Viking peoples. This character remained rebellious even when they entered into Christianity. They fought against the centralism of the Church through Martin Luther, whose movement constituted a massive revolution, not only in Germany, but in all of Europe. Subsequently, he was the nucleus of European national movements and the division of the Church.
Thus, we see that history often produces characters who express the historical situation. Violence in history, although it may be seen in a person, is a collective situation expressed by the individual. Hitler was preceded by other criminals, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane. Now, let s not forget that our modern history is full of such criminal personalities.
Kalil Chikha
is an Industrial Engineer who lives in the U.S. and writes on a wide variety of topics. He published many books in Arabic, such as short stories, literature review and criticism.

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