Islamists Opposing Womens Rights

Elakhal Said
2023 / 3 / 14

Throughout the stages of the struggle to change the family code (Moudawana), Islamists have used the slogan "Islamic reference" as a weapon to confront demands to amend the family code raised by the women s and human rights movement components. These demands aim to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against women.
Islamists claim to possess religious truth and sign on behalf of God. These reasons make them intolerant of women s demands for equality in inheritance. In order to legitimize their opposition to women s rights such as :the woman s guardianship over herself in marriage´-or-over her sons in case of her divorce, they use the "Islamic reference" as a main slogan of that opposition.The most egregious example that need to be changed called "ta assib" . Although the qu ran didn t mention it clearly, the jurisprudence imposes it for all male deprived families . Islamists talk about the ‘’Islamic reference’’ as if it is the unique and unified reference for all Muslims in the world and for all components of political Islam movement. However, the reality of societies and states proves not only the differences in determining the nature of this reference from one society to another, but also between Islamists, fondamentalists and radicals. That is why the interpretations of religious texts presented by these ideological currents are contradictory. For example : some organizations consider permissible for women to leave the house without permission of their husbends wheter to study, work,´-or-visit family --;-- whereas Wahhabi Salafis prohibit these activities for all women in different ages.In Afghanistan, Taliban prevents female from pursuing stadies. In the name of Sharia, ISIS beheads innocent Muslims and Christians in some countries. Those terrorists blowed up mosques on worshippers inside. Additionally, all Islamists allow the marriage of minors against human rights, and they fight against criminalizing this type of marriage. To stop these eveils of child marriage, women activists are pressing for the harmonization of the Family Code with the constitution and international covenants ratified by Morocco. The constitution stipulates the primacy international charters over national legislations. That is why the government must eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.
It is undeniable that Islamists represent a serious obstacle that women s movement must overcome. They reject the pedegree of children born out of wedlock to their biological fathers, as the Qu’ran commands: (Call them by their [real] fathers names--;-- this is more equitable in the sight of God). Beacause of the criminalization of abortion, some women had been forced to get rid of their babies by throwing them in the trash´-or-on the streets. According to the statistics revealed bay"Insaf" association, 24 babies are abandoned on the streets every day. This number increases every year due to the criminalization of abortion. It is time to stop this calamity and repeal all laws that perpetuate discrimination against women.

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