Women, who have influenced: Said Elatab s´ Painting and art

Ghazi Imam
2023 / 3 / 14

Since God has created Eve from Adam s ribs... God has granted her a lofty position, dignity and equality compared to man in their creation. As we have been told, that Eve was created from the same material and substance belongs to man, but her role in eating the prohibited fruit, after she heard the serpent s argument and shared this Fruit with Adam, which caused them to disobey God s command, and then expelled them from Eden.This is what has been called in many divine books as "the fall of man."
Since early days in history and ages, women played an important and pivotal role in human life, so they were observed as the wife, the mother, the sister, the daughter, the teacher and the educator. Mothers always draw the future of their children and youth, they inspire them with the love, tenderness and encourage them to be successful in life.
It must be noted that women occupied a large part in the drawings of many famous people in the world of art and painting, such as Pablo Picasso, Max Beckmann, Willem de Kooning, Van Gogh, Mac Dillon... and Salvador Dali... and many others, For example, Max Beckmann s wife, Picasso s wife, and other women.
Picasso came on the top of the list. Picasso s women were so many, such as Eva, Olga, Marie-Thérèse, Duramar, Françoise, Geneviève, and Jacqueline.... But he married only two, Olga and Jacqueline. There are other two who committed suicide out of grief and anguish, like MarieTherese, and Jacqueline,. Picasso drove other two of his mistresses to madness, Olga and Duramar... As for Eva, she died before he got bored and left behind,´-or-maybe she left him.
Picasso says about his love affairs and adventure, "A woman cannot dare to leave me... " I am the one who will decide, when she can leave me." But his mistress, Mrs. Françoise, left him, even though she was older than Picasso.... Françoise left him amid his disapproval, anger, and saying full of vanity. She left deep wounds in his character, soul and painting.
Mrs. Jacqueline Roque, the last of his female relationships, had influenced Picasso by her beauty, femininity, simplicity, and her ability to move Picasso s imagination and push him to more creativity.
Arab women in particular, were very marginalized worldwide, because of the harsh values and customs imposed on them by the culture of their region, in which they grew up... I mean by that the Arab region, and the countries of the Middle East.
Despite all this, Arab ladies have struggled a lot to stand on a solid ground and prove to the whole world that they are valuable assets, with everything in life.
Here we can simply say that the painter Said Elatab, who showed a strong passion and romance for women, mixed with great interest at times.... and escaping from confrontation with her at other times.
since his early childhood, Said met his first sweetheart in an orphanages school at the age of fifteen years old, so that this sweetheart became the first source of his artistic creativity, but although, he lived with her in an environment that did not allow him to express openly his love to her, he used his drawings and paintings to express his feeling to her, until he was 23 years old, when he left Lebanon to the United States of America as a new immigrant.
It was clearly noticed that women has impacted his pictures, drawings and left a sense of a grief and suffering. women have become for Said Elatab, the source of his inspiration and genius. Said described his romance frustration by two words "emotional failure."
According to my point of view, I consider Said Elatab as one of the most famous Arab painters in North America, and the Middle East, despite the lack of appreciation, and insufficient financial support and media coverage for him as a great artist. Said Elatab counts merely on his humble studio in Paterson, New Jersey, and New York, USA.
Said Elatab is considered as one of the most skilled Arab painters in the United States of America, who painted portraits of women in various and expressive forms and different faces.
Here, in this article I have personally selected, presented and attached a small part of the paintings as examples, so that we can see a beautiful style that is characterized by spontaneity, simplicity, and honesty.
In my opinion, most of Said Elatab s paintings came by coincident, according to what his idea and creativity dictated to him when drawing them to express a mixture of feelings of love, anger, frustration and optimism.
We also find that the Palestinian cause, whose artist Said Elatab has witnessed, and lived through in Lebanon, has a great presence in his drawings and paintings...
Said Elatab linked the Palestinian cause, with the Palestinian woman to show her hope in restoring the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and pointed out the necessity for the liberation of Palestinian women from the clutches of slavery in all its forms.
Said Elateb did not forget the psychological and social repression, marginalization and suffering that most Arab women were subjected to.... because of some Arab husbands, who look at them with arrogance, superiority, and don’t give them all their rights as a female, wife, mother and lover..... Arab ladies deserve appreciation, respect and encouragement, not insult and slavery.
The woman is considered as a mother and educator where she has a strong presence in the drawings of the artist Said Elatab.... For him ¨ She is the woman, who shakes the child s cradle with one hand... and shakes the world with her other hand... She is the first school to prepare people of good races"... She is the mother, whose finger-print-s will be im-print-ed in the personality of the child she raises, and she cares for until the end of his life s journey...
Said Elatab also expressed his turbulent relations with many women, with whom he had an emotional relationship and marital bond where he gave birth to many sons and daughters. Said lived and coexisted with them through poverty and richness during his estrangement in the diaspora here in the USA.....
Despite Said Elatab s admission that he, like other human beings, is not infallible. In the opinion of Said Elatab, the guilt in the failure of love relations with women is not only created by men, but also by women, with the multiplicity of their faces, their desires, and their jealousy, which he expressed in his drawings to confirm his incapability to understand her clearly and fully. This negativity in his opinion, played a role in the failure of many of his romantic relationships.
The artist Said Elatab painted women in many different faces as a portrait, mixed with confusion, lack of understanding and clarity of vision....
He didn’t understand what women do want, and what are the things they like´-or-dislike, in a colorful style that appeared clearly in his paintings.....
Physical Beauty for women according to Said Elatab is not-limit-ed to the external appearance of the female, Rather, it transcends it to the components of her depths, the purity of her soul, and her heart.
Despite all this and that, women remain a strong presence in his drawings...and remain the difficult figure in his life and his personal artistic character.
The woman in his life remains as a symbol of existence, life and beauty.
Syrian-American Writer

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