Ongoing Islamist Protests Against Womens Rights

Elakhal Said
2023 / 5 / 14

Protests have intensified against the demand to amend the family code, which was raised by women s movement activists following the King s speech on the occasion of the Throne Day.
The Islamists opposition to these demands has grown stronger with the publication of the "Equality Coordination in Inheritance" memo and the supportive statements of the Minister of Justice regarding the necessary amendment of the Family Law. Despite the enlightened jurisprudence supporting the revision of the inheritance system and the need for the family code to align with Morocco s constitution and international covenants, Islamists persist in perpetuating social injustice by upholding fatwas that have proven unsuitable for the transformations that have occurred in Moroccan society (where 1.8 million families are headed by women alone, in addition to millions of families in which wives share the burden of expenses with their husbands). Whenever women demand equality and parity, Islamists decry these demands as a "dangerous step that will destabilize the Moroccan family system and threaten one of the pillars of social and familial harmony."

Due to their hostility towards women s rights, Islamists offend the Islamic religion and legitimize violence and injustice against women in the name of Allah. They have failed to provide any evidence of Islam s honoring of women according to their understanding. On the contrary, everything they have presented proves the opposite of their claims. In the year 2000, they opposed raising the minimum age of marriage to 18 for females, and they also opposed the division of marital property, considering it "unlawful consumption of people s wealth." However, it is worth noting that Suessian jurists issued a fatwa five hundred years ago, guaranteeing a divorced/widowed woman a share in the property as a partner and an inheritor simultaneously.

God created women and men equal in shouldering the responsibility of guardianship, both in its political and social dimensions. In the Quran, it is stated, "The believers, both men and women, are guardians of one another. They encourage good and forbid evil, establish prayer and pay alms-tax, and obey Allah and His Messenger." However, Islamists refuse to recognize this equality.
It is undeniable that Islamists and Salafists exemplify a clear example of "schizophrenia" with all its symptoms, particularly those associated with hallucinations and the belief in the existence of hostile plans targeting Muslim societies in terms of their security, cohesion, and beliefs.
While women s associations have called for an end to these grievances, Islamists and Salafis have opposed them, as if Islam mandates the marriage of minors, prohibits the division of marital property, denies a woman s guardianship over herself and her children, and deprives females of their rightful inheritance, which their parents accumulated through hard work and sweat, in cases where they do not have male children.

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