Mahmoud Said Kawash
2023 / 9 / 10

By: Mahmoud Said Kawash

The exhausted tears announce the moment of the birth 0f a new day
The moon sends grains of light on the cusp of life
The drops of dew wither on a carpet of mist
All corners of life are immersed in waves playing a melody of stillness
A false painting of a painful reality reflects on it
Waiting for a waterfall of the sun setting behind the evening masks
To shine with the rising of sun at dawn
In order to announce the end of the masquerade ball
And the beginning of the time for the emergence of those fatal features
Which are always hidden by the masks in a quiet dance played by the night light
On a never-ending symphony of deceit
Piercing glances glitter like grains of snow on a dark road
To keep up the falsehood in dancing to regular rhythms
So people are deluded that it resembles the beautiful face of honesty
And the soul is deluded with the purity of the glass
The calmness of those tones is nothing but the crying of a soul
Its blood splattered in the footsteps of dreams
Confused clouds are painted on its walls
And winter rituals fell like the autumn rain
Tears and muffled groans were wandering among them
Behind a voice that never tires of singing
Dreamy singing crumbles the hardest rocks
I wish it was a wave coming from afar to destroy the bell of that cursed abyss
To make my soul cry out and collect its scattered blood drops
Perhaps it will live again as the penguin lives!!


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