In the Middle East: Destroying cities and killing citizens is the price of peace.

Kawa Nader Qader
2023 / 10 / 25

In the Middle East:
Destroying cities and killing citizens is the price of peace.
By: Kawa Nader Qa-dir-
Most of the previous standards of security and safety that the Israeli army enjoyed have become empty, as a result of what the Hamas movement carried out against Israel on the morning of Saturday the seventh of this month, under the name “Al-Aqsa Flood,” “on land, sea, and air, and it did not include bases for the armed forces´-or-security only.” ". Rather, in areas of calm and social gatherings, women and children are killed. In response, Israel launched a military operation known as "Iron Sword." All of its actions are legitimated by the need to protect its citizens from brutal assaults by zealous barbarians who have been stripped of their humanity. They justified former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir s statement by saying: "We will never forgive the Palestinians because they forced us to kill their children." As the Palestinian poet pointed out, “We know who is paying the price, but we do not know who sold the country,” Hamas is trying to prolong the international confrontation in which the peoples of the region have no interest.
Israel supported Ukraine and Zelensky, so Russia tried to send a message to Israel in order to embarrass it internally. The conflict between Hamas and Israel is essentially an extension of the international conflict between the Eurasian and Euro-Atlantic axes. Iran s actions were motivated by the desire to assert its power in the face of Israel and the United States in the wake of the escalation of hostilities between them, especially in Syria and the Strait of Hormuz.
Therefore, the chances of expanding the war and continuing the confrontation between Hamas and Israel by involving the resistance front in favor of Hamas are great. The arrival of American forces aboard two Gerald Ford Eisenhower aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean is not just a message´-or-an advertising tool for Biden’s re-election in 2024, but rather a readiness to confront any interference from Hezbollah, the Iraqi Mobilization Forces, and the Shiite factions. The Houthis against Israel. Israel s existence will not be in danger, as some parties claim, if the United States, Britain, and other countries spend this money on its forces. All the statements and some actions of the Americans and Israel indicate that they are planning to bring about major changes in the Middle East, and the first victims will be the Palestinians themselves, for their participation in this process.
October 24, 2023

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