Jerusalem: The Bride

Kalil Chikha
2023 / 11 / 12

Jerusalem: The Bride
While Israel is destroying the Gaza Strip, killing people and even trees, committing crimes against civilians, I remembered Muzaffar al-Nawab’s poem in which he says:
Jerusalem is the bride of your Arabism...
So why did you bring all the adulterers of the night into her room??
You stood behind the doors listening to the screams of her virgin
You pulled out all your daggers
And you competed with honor
You shouted at her to be silent in order to protect her honor
How honorable you are
Sons of Whores, will you remain silent if you are a rapist?
Sons of Whores
I am not shy when I tell you who you are
A pigsty is purer than you
Yes, that s what he said to the Arab rulers. He says elsewhere that he does not spare anyone. I personally do not like the language of cursing and insulting, but when he was asked once, he answered like this, rulers, need such language.
I remembered one time when I was on a visit to Syria and met Muzaffar al-Nawab in one of the garages in Homs. I ran up to him and greeted him. Then I took a picture with him and asked him about his address in order to interview him. He replied that he was in the Havana Café. A week later, I went there and asked about him, but I could not find him. But I asked him before I left the garage whether he was happy in his constant travel, and he told me that this is the fate of a poet who tells the truth. Yes, it is not only the fate of the poet, but the fate of every human being who tells the truth in the great Arab prison that extends from the yawning sea to the ------sleep------ing ocean.
How many battles have we collectively entered against Israel, and these wars have brought havoc on our heads, on our dignity, and on our land. The Golan Heights is still occupied, and the Sinai was not returned by war, but rather by Sadat’s diplomacy, especially when he set his foot on the ground of the Israeli Knesset. If Israel had not wanted to eliminate any future attempt at war, it would not have given Sadat anything. But with Egypt s exit from the conflict, Israel recorded its last war with the Arab armies.
Have you seen women, children and the elderly in Gaza leaving their homes into the unknown? Egypt has closed the only passage to everyone. Did Israel draw this scenario a long time ago for displacement and exodus until it annihilates what remains of Gaza and achieves its expansion project by sending all Palestinians to Sinai and becoming the alternative homeland, as this rumor has been circulated in newspapers and social media in recent years?
Was Hamas the tool that helped implement this project against the Palestinian people? As you know, the number of Israelis increases every year, and this explains the planting of settlements around the West Bank, and Israel’s annexation of more land. They plan for the future and talk a lot about restoring Judah and Samaria.
Returning to Muzaffar al-Nawab, he died a few years ago, leaving behind his poetry and his drunkenness as well. He often recited his poems while drunk. As you know, a drunken person loses his tongue and says things that he does not dare to say when he is sober. I wrote a long article about him, which I first published in Arabic Newspaper, called the Beirut Times, and then later put it in a book, Impressions of Past Era.
Al-Nawab was imprisoned several times, and the last time he and some of his comrades escaped from prison by digging a tunnel with a fork, as the Palestinian prisoners did in prison - Gilboa - in 2021. If they had remained in prison, the regime in power at that period - meaning Al-Nawab and his comrades - would have executed them, because The B’athists regime in Iraq launched a war of extermination, as you know, against the communists in retaliation for what they did to them when they were allied with Abdul Karim Qasim.
Don t you remember´-or-read that in every coup in Iraq, the victor resorts to body dragging, hanging on electricity poles, and mutilating the body of the defeated ruler. Also, do not forget what the youth of Libya did to Gaddafi.
My last words, I would say: Beware of Israel s expansionist projects. We sometimes work unconsciously to serve these long term projects.
November, 11,2023

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