Analyzing the Implications of Trump winning the Presidency Race for Taiwan

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2024 / 1 / 26

Analyzing the Implications of Trump winning the Presidency Race for Taiwan


The possibility of Donald Trump winning the presidency race and its potential implications on Taiwan has drawn significant attention. This essay aims to explore the scenarios that may unfold if Trump were to secure the presidency and subsequently examine the potential impact on Taiwan. While the outcome remains uncertain, analyzing this hypothetical situation can provide valuable insights.

A Shift in US-Taiwan Relations

If Trump wins the presidency race, Taiwan may witness a significant shift in its relationship with the United States. Trump s administration could adopt a more confrontational approach towards China, which would have ramifications for Taiwan s status quo. Despite diplomatic constraints imposed by the United States One China Policy, Trump s commitment to taking a tougher stance on China may lead to increased support for Taiwan.

Economic Implications

Trump s presidency could have various economic implications for Taiwan. Given his America-first agenda and skepticism towards multilateral trade agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), negotiations between Taiwan and the United States might gain momentum. This dynamic could open up new opportunities for Taiwan s economy, foster closer bilateral trade ties, and potentially benefit Taiwan s export-oriented industries.

Implications on Cross-Strait Relations

Trump s presidency would likely introduce unpredictability to cross-strait relations, which would require careful navigation by Taiwan. His unconventional style of diplomacy may create uncertainty over US commitments to defending Taiwan against increased pressure from China. Taiwan would need to assess the risks of provoking China under a potentially more impulsive US administration.

Defense Cooperation and Arms Sales

Another aspect worth considering is the potential change in the nature of defense cooperation between Taiwan and the United States. Trump s emphasis on burden-sharing might lead to revised agreements, including increased costs for Taiwan in obtaining American security assistance. Nonetheless, security cooperation with the United States would likely continue, albeit with potential alterations.

Taiwan s Regional Diplomacy

The outcome of the US elections would undeniably impact Taiwan s regional diplomacy. A Trump presidency might create opportunities for Taiwan to strengthen its presence in regional forums and seek support from like-minded countries skeptical of Chinese influence. However, it could also provoke tensions with countries more aligned with China s interests and potentially impact Taiwan s participation in international organizations.

Human Rights and Democracy

Trump s approach towards human rights and democracy could have mixed implications for Taiwan. While Trump s focus on combating authoritarian regimes aligns with Taiwan s values, his administration s prioritization of strategic and economic interests might de-emphasize human rights concerns, potentially-limit-ing international support for Taiwan s democratic aspirations.

Potential for Political Instability in Taiwan

The potential changes in the dynamics of US-Taiwan-China relations under Trump might also create internal political instability within Taiwan. Political rhetoric from the Trump administration might contribute to polarization within Taiwanese society regarding how to navigate potential new challenges. This division could impact the outcome of future Taiwanese elections.

Climate Change Cooperation

Trump s stance on climate change has been widely criticized, with his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement ceding global leadership. This decision poses challenges for Taiwan s climate change efforts, as previous cooperation with the United States has been crucial. However, Taiwan can seek alternative avenues for collaboration´-or-strengthen partnerships with other nations committed to climate action.

Technology Sector and Intellectual Property

The impact of a Trump presidency on Taiwan s technology sector and intellectual property rights remains uncertain. Potential shifts in US trade policy might create challenges´-or-opportunities for Taiwan s high-tech industries. With Trump s emphasis on US intellectual property protection and technology dominance, collaboration between Taiwan and the United States could increase in these areas.


While it is impossible to predict the exact consequences of a Trump victory on Taiwan s presidency race, analyzing potential outcomes is essential. The United States role in shaping global politics, combined with Taiwan s complex relationship with China, makes understanding these scenarios crucial for policymakers and analysts alike. Regardless of the outcome, Taiwan would need to remain adaptive, proactive, and focused on its long-term trajectory as a responsible and democratic member of the international community.

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