Mahmoud Said Kawash
2024 / 3 / 23

By Mahmoud Said Kawash

It is destined to be haunted by the dreams of meeting him
My soul is destined to reside in the caves of waiting for him
To feel that I am alive and that he reside in my being
The ringing of age’s phone heralds me the time
My soul trembles and I begin to revive my features in front of the mirror
I imagine myself as the spring flower that he will yearn for and be confused when he sees me
So what shall I cover my branch with?
How does he like to see me the first time we meet?
For the sake of his eyes, I wish I can be all women
Do I wear a spring smile?
Am I a summer night breeze?
Am I the mystery of an autumn flower,´-or-the stillness of the warmth of winter?
My clothes are too humble to translate the desires of his eyes
Wearing my clothes, listening to the songs of his love, reviving my longing for him
I send him my fervent longing
To burn the remains of time between me and him
May my joy fly around me
And storm the stillness of my skies
What spaces will accommodate my madness when I see him?
I pause for a short time as the clock ticks to announce the moment of our meeting
I embrace my flowers that I usually water from the pulses of my heart to dedicate them to him
After removing all the thorns of existence from them and declaring my love to him
Yes, I miss him, how much I miss him!!
I feel as if I have only lived my life to wait for the moment to meet him
The ticking of the clock alerts me to announce the falsity of the meeting!!
No, no, the ticking of the clock wakes me up to announce my death!!
Woe to me from my dream!!
I feel frostbite in my eyes
When my eyelids embrace the light of life upon meeting him
The warmth goes away from them
The dream dissolves and leaves me behind to find my longing for him
Is any one wondering if I am silently overstepping my boundaries, but I can t bear it?!
So I hope the night will quench my thirst
If only a few grains of fog
I hope the moon turns into a bright sun
Maybe they will do that
I hope life comes back only for a moment
I hope my soul does not hear the pulse of the clocks
I hope that my fate will give me one short moment of joy
I hope that my eyelids will embrace the depths of my eyes
Maybe he will come and see me
Maybe he will come
Perhaps I will meet him, see him, and talk to him
I hope so and more and more!!


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