Is the really peace .. a possible, with presence of religions ?

Salah El Din Mohssein
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1 - What about religious beliefs that contain sacred texts that call for hatred openly and clearly ?

What about religions that, in their holy books, contain explicit and clear calls to practice terrorism ??

2 - What about religions whose holy books have explicit texts that describe, in a frightening way, the genocides led by those who founded those religions?? .
We are in the Internet era. Everything is now published publicly

3 - Slaughter in the Gospel, by an explicit command from Christ / and the people of justification and decoration are ready - in all religions - !
Verse (Luke 19:27): 7 As for my enemies who do not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them before me

This is not the only verse that carries the trend towards terrorism / Beware of false interpretations by religious priests and sheikhs - they talk a lot, maneuver, justify and deceive to hide the truth

4 - Criticism of religions is not a call to hate their believers
Criticism of religions should be considered merely a normal form of freedom of opinion and expression

5 - There is no objection to the necessity of respecting believers in any religion - as human beings, but there is no obligation to respect the religions themselves - this is against freedom - freedom of opinion and expression, and the freedom not to believe in a religion - just as believers have the freedom to believe

6 - A believer in a religion has the right to be respected as a human being only. But if he wants me to respect his religion and not criticize it, then that is a step towards forcing me to believe in his religion !

7 - The correct thing: If a believer in a religion is free to believe, 7 - am free not to believe and criticize the religion, without attacking´-or-antagonizing the believer. The believer has the right to criticize non-religion, without antagonizing´-or-inciting hatred against them

8 - Freedom of belief, how do you cancel the freedom to criticize it ??

It is not permissible for one freedom to cancel another - legitimate - freedom, especially the freedom of opinion and expression

9 - Religions have existed for hundreds and thousands of years, and those who invented them did not immagin the most basic necessities of our modern life: the ! - And those who founded religions, in the past... would not have imagined that (the bicycle) would exist

10- Everything in life changes and develops. Except religions! It is constant . life changes, and it is sacred in its old state. - Holy - cannot be updated, and it denies most of what modern science says, scince exposes, and naked the religions

11 - Most wars (and the occupation of countries),´-or-the division of one country into two! Caused by religious beliefs
This has been happening since prehistoric times !
- Pharaoh of ancient Egypt "Akhenaten " caused a civil war and the division of the state into two parts! Because of a new religion

12 - “Alexander the Great” when he invaded Egypt with his soldiers and weapons as an occupier. He deliberately intended to calm the Egyptian people by entering the hearts of the Egyptians, for the sake of religion..!
He visited the temple of God, which the Egyptians revered - at that time - and declared that he was a son of God.
And the cunning religious game succeeded..!

13 - In the modern era, India was divided into two countries because of religion! (Hinduism and Islam) Sudan was divided into two countries because of religion. After a civil war caused primarily by religions (Christianity and Islam)

14 - Civil wars are - many times - caused by hostility between two sects belonging to a one religion !

Civil war in Yemen - between two sects of one religion! On the other hand, it is funded by a sectarian religious state “Iran” - which sparked that war. And from the other hand : Saudi Arabia, the Gulf. The two sides are two sects, the opposite of one religion .. !

15 -The religious wars in Europe took place for 30 years (1618 and 1648 AD) and were a conflict between the wings of one religion! - Christianity - !

16 - And the war in Ukraine - religions have fingers behind them... it is not purely political. Rather, the fingers of religions are included in it

17 - And Russian President "Putin" in order to win his wars. And his militias (mercenaries) distributed in many countries of the on the ropes of religion and “Muslim friends”! Then he was surprised by a bloody attack coming from the Islamists - a massacre in the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk, northwest of the Russian capital..!
Putin thought that Muslims had forgotten his massacres against Muslims in Chechnya !!

18 - The terrible war, currently taking place, in “Gaza”... is caused by: religions (religious Islamists rule Gaza, and religious Jews rule Israel) and the hatred between them has explicit texts. It is present at the heart of both religions

19- The meek and peaceful verses in the books of Middle Eastern religions, which named a heavenly religions .. It was a mask and a temporary tactic, and then its true faces appeared in subsequent acts of explicit terrorism

20 - And what the Prophet of Islam “Muhammad” did in his wars against the Jews of his time - citizens of the same city as his -... he learned from the Prophet of the Jews “Moses” and what he did in his wars
which the Jews of Israel are doing today aganist the people of Gaza - and which Hamas ( Islamic org ) and its sisters are doing aganist Jews of Israel : an old lessons that these and those .. learned from the wars of their prophets, “Muhammad” and “Moses.”

21- The ongoing war against international trade ships in Bab al-Mandab and the Gulf of Aden behind it is the ideological state “Iran” fighting from afar! She finances her agents! Religion is behind what is happening

22 - There are religions that practice international terrorism, on stage - in front of everyone’s eyes -
Other religions play terrorism behind the scenes: they play the role of a prompter,´-or-they write, plan, prepare, --dir--ect (and produce/finance) behind the scenes ..!

23 - world Must be edited from very outdated beliefs that have no connection to life in the age of the Internet and airplanes. And buildings, towers and skyscrapers. Intercontinental missiles, giant ocean liners, and spaceships. And the invasion of planets and stars

24 - International politicians - leaders of major not take an international legislative stance towards religions. Because of their concern for their interests in the election ballot - because of their need for the votes of believers and religious fanatics..! Politicians care about their interests first... and let world peace, which is disturbed by religions, go to hell! What is important is the interests of politicians in achieving´-or-maintaining power

25 - In light of the above, we believe that the Charter of Human Rights must be considered - restoring the new clause to traditional beliefs. So that we do not give religions what we do not deserve. In order to protect world peace. The peace of society and the peace of individuals are among the misfortunes of religions

26 - This is the task and duty of writers, thinkers, intellectuals, and scientists - winners of the Nobel Prize in Science and Arts. In particular - . To launch a successful campaign to change the United Nations Charter, to put religions in the correct category. And save the world from its evils

By:Salah El Din Mohssein

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