Short Story -The Oxygen of Death-

Omar Ghassa Rashed
2024 / 5 / 15

"Aboud" did not know that the path of life was this short.
He rushed out on a grey morning from his tent located east of Rafah, hurrying to catch a few atoms of the oxygen of life that was falling from the parachutes of death, as he had dreamed.
It so happened that one of them fell on their neighbour’s son, "Hossam," as he was running after it with his tender, frail body. They returned him to his mother in pieces, clinging to his body and carrying the smell of expired canned goods. His mother shed tears of anguish from her eyes, and when Aboud recalled the bitterness of the scene, he remembered his mother and returned to his tent. Upon his arrival, he found only ashes and an arm embracing a small hand, similar to that of his infant sister.


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