Mirrors talk, Mohammad A. Yousef

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2024 / 6 / 26

Mirror s talk

Mohammad A. Yousef

Mirrors show the outer side not the inner side
Reflecting back what we choose to hide
A facade of smiles and perfect curls
But inside, the pain slowly unfurls

The mirror tells lies with each passing glance
Hiding the truth with a deceptive dance
We put on a show for the world to see
But our true selves remain a mystery

Our insecurities masked behind a smile
Hoping no one will see our inner turmoil
We paint on a face that s not truly our own
But inside, we feel lost and alone

The mirror is a cruel trickster indeed
Showing only what we want the world to believe
But deep down we know the truth within
That the image we see is not where we begin

We try to hide behind a mask of perfection
But inside we long for true connection
To be seen and accepted for who we are
Not the facade we present from afar

So the next time you gaze into the glass
Remember that it s only a reflection of the past
The true beauty lies within your soul
Not the image the mirror tries to control

Embrace your flaws and imperfections
For they are what make you unique in all -dir-ections
Don t let the mirror dictate your worth
For true beauty comes from within, from the earth

So let go of the mask you wear each day
And let your true self come out to play
For the mirror may show the outer side
But it s the inner beauty that truly shines bright.

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