Morning to you my sweet saint , Mohammad A. Yousef

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2024 / 7 / 9

Morning to you my sweet saint

Mohammad A. Yousef

Morning to you my sweet saint,
Awakening with the gentle touch of dawn,
Your eyes like emeralds sparkled bright,
Reflecting the beauty of the morn.

In the soft light of the rising sun,
I see the world through your eyes,
A world filled with promises,
A world where love never dies.

Your eyes are like windows to your soul,
I gaze into them and see the depths,
A well of emotions, pure and true,
A kaleidoscope of joys and regrets.

I see the laughter dancing in your eyes,
Like sunlight on a rippling stream,
And in the depths, a hint of sadness,
A shadow of a long-forgotten dream.

Your eyes hold the secrets of the night,
The whispered confessions of the moon,
The silent longing for the morning light,
The hopes that will bloom soon.

Morning to you, my sweet saint,
In the quiet stillness of the day,
I watch as your eyes come alive,
In a thousand shades of gray.

I see the world awaken around us,
The birds chirping their morning song,
The sun rising in a golden blaze,
The world bursting into life, so strong.

And in your eyes, I see the reflection,
Of the beauty that surrounds us all,
In the dew-kissed petals of a rose,
In the fluttering wings of a butterfly small.

Your eyes are like morning dew,
Glistening with the promise of the day,
A fresh start, a clean slate,
A chance to chase the shadows away.

Morning to you, my sweet saint,
As you open your eyes to the light,
I see the love that shines in them,
A beacon in the darkest night.

In your eyes, I find my solace,
My refuge from the storms of life,
A place where I can lose myself,
And forget all pain and strife.

Morning to you, my sweet saint,
In the stillness of the morning air,
I whisper to your ---sleep---ing form,
A promise to always be there.

To hold you close in the dark of night,
To soothe your fears and dry your tears,
To be the rock on which you lean,
And chase away your darkest fears.

Morning to you, my sweet saint,
As the world awakens anew,
I thank the stars above for you,
And the love that shines in your eyes so true.

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