Women of the World Unite (VIII)

Ghiath El Marzouk

2023 / 2 / 28

Women of the World Unite (VIII)

Ghiath El-Marzouk

If God did not in fact exist [at this time],
It would then be necessary to invent him [from time to time]!

Women of the World Unite!

And they ask you concerning the very believing women who do not cease to defend with zealous vexation (or, at the minimum, to condone with menial submissiveness) the extent to which they are enslaved and subjugated by the very implement of Constance within the framework of a religious masculinism (or even by the very mechanism of Denial within the framework of a vis--vis religious feminism) under the pretence that such Constance (or such Denial) maintains their spiritual felicity and sustains their intellectual comfort though in a completely phantasmal sphere where they, alone, attain to the highest possible echelon of Belief. Say to them: Women of this sort are nothing but subservient, servile and cringing bondmaids who deserve to enjoy and relish being under the yoke of all this enslavement and this subjugation in spheres of both certainty and uncertainty forever and ever, simply and merely because they do not belong to the community of real women in any place (or at any time).

Besides, if they ask you concerning any woman who has read this Maxim thoroughly but has neither instantly nor incidentally been moved by its content, then say to them also: A woman of this kind is no more than a docile and truckling bondwoman who is brainwashed from amongst the abnormal, so as to take ultimate pleasure and delight in all such enslavement and such subjugation just as the neurotic masochist does in his/her pains and agonies!

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