Mahmoud Said Kawash

2023 / 8 / 29

Mahmoud Said Kawash

Here I was
With the colours of my letters, pulse and whispers
The colours of my life
Which I once imagined as thirsty as the raindrops
“Do you know what it means to be thirsty?”
Although you thought it would be a smile for you
A gift sent by fate to prolong your life, but instead it was gone
Youth turned into the darkness of the grave
To a complete darkness that swallowed in its hollow all the meanings of life
Life has faded and its shadows darkened
A bitter cold embraced the depths of the depths
And on the scale all things became equal
All joys, all sorrows, all dreams, even illusions!!
Here I am now
Sitting quietly on a rock near the raging sea
Enjoying the charming landscapes drawn by the creator
Not by a painter, no matter how famous he is
A wide smile on my face and an overwhelming joy inside me!!
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