Very short stories ( six-word stories ) (1)

Omar Ghassa Rashed

2024 / 5 / 28

1. Words

With measured verse, the arrogance is shattered.

2. Earthquake

They tremble in seconds, anxious and wary, Knowing the truth, yet denying it, chary.

3. The Truth

False speeches abound, silence reigns supreme, The voice of truth doth break the silent dream.

4. Downfall

Arrogance, stereotypes, a shattered fall, Plunging headlong to the abyss s call.

5. Quagmire

Negotiations, terms, no terms at all, A quagmire of conflict, a war of attrition s thrall.

6. Captives

Tunnels, Apache helicopters, failure s blight, New captives in the endless, endless fight.

7. The Hunt

Heroics, point-blank range, a hunt s delight, A victory hard-won, a triumph in sight.

8. The Ghoul

Imported ducks, an artificial lake, A local rifle, a bountiful wake.

9. Ambush

The alleys, the terror, support, and deceit, Illusory gains, a bitter defeat.

10. Remains

Fascist, the search for remains, a mournful cry, A withdrawal, a retreat, a final goodbye.

(Written on 26-5-2024)
A translation of my short stories in Arabic.
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