The Poor Meaning of Poverty

Shamsan Dabwan Saeed Al Sharaabi

2024 / 6 / 1

The poverty constitutes a social and humanitarian epidemic which need to search for a solution but within a-limit-ed time and place. Once time, ago dated back to Omer Ibn Al Khtab, that the Islamic State treasury was super abundant fullness and the government of Omer did not find a poor man to give him money aids. Then Omer issued a declare to cover all marriage costs of all single youth regardless their social class´-or-political attitudes. He did not nominate the orphans´-or-those who memorize the holy Quran. The following lines will shed some light on the concept of poverty and how this issue tackled and what modern view of this concept.
Since the ancient times, the poverty was a problem but faced by different solutions more than the problem itself although the scarcity-limit-ed resources. For example, the Zakah in Islam is secure to ensure the life of all poor people if it goes in right courses and deposited in its right banks.
Today, the diverse multiple government resources -like customs, clearance, Zakat, Charity Organizations and the Non-Profit Organizations and other many resources, are full enough to eradicate the poverty in case the incorruptibleness is activated. But unfortunately, today the more resources we have the more poverty spread, why? Moreover, the more education and high qualifications, the more poverty levels dominantly increased.
The Charity Organizations tackle the concept of poor people as those who did not have something to eat as if eating is the life. No need for education, health, cloth and no need to train those people any profession to maintain their families. An Arab saying says do not give me a fish but teach me how to fish it.
Meaning of poverty in this way indicates that no poverty at all since people are still alive and have what to eat every day. Meaning of poverty in this concept arises a reasonable justification of no need for such organizations.
Again, I am asking about the strange contradiction of the poverty equation that (the more resources we have the more poverty rates increased). I am surprised when I listen´-or-watch media talking about the donators and the amount they grant to help Yemeni people on the level of countries, on the level Charity Organizations´-or-what so-called Non-Profit Organizations while see the miserable situations on the real ground increased day after day.
I shamed when an Arabic State documented its distribution of food aids. Four persons carried a carton of 8 kilos of Dates and Milk Powder Tin close to expiry date to satisfy people that it plays a vital role in assisting Yemeni people. (Unprincipled scoundrel people).
I surprised that the Yemeni market is full of UN food aids which are sold in local markets in very high rates and written on bags Not for Sale!! As if the United Nation is the exclusive distributor of this products in Yemen in the presence of blockade. These organizations are so – called Non-Profit Organizations´-or-UN Orgs.
I surprised when looking at some people boast purchasing luxury cars and palatial houses while others die because they are not able to purchase medicines for chronic diseases. These people called (merchants of wars), yesterday they had nothing to satisfy their hunger.
Providing a solution for this dilemma with presence of the triad mentioned above seems impossible. The solution needs good conscious leaders and good education principles. This is means the education mission fell at the first hurdle. I will discuss this concept next time. See you with another concept soon.
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