Bruises ,wounds and scars in my work in petroleum industry

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef

2024 / 6 / 3

In the depths of the petroleum industry s domain,
I bear the bruises, wounds, and scars of my labor.
Each day, I navigate the translation department,
An all-knowing seeker of linguistic harmony.
I negotiate deals in the foreign purchasing department,
A fierce warrior in the battlefield of trade.
I enhance processes in the administrative development department,
A weaver of systems and structures for efficiency.
As a recruiter in the HR department, I seek out talent,
A matchmaker of skills and opportunities.
And in the administrative development department, I innovate,
A creator of new paths in a world of tradition.

In the harsh reality of the petroleum industry,
Truth cuts deep and leaves its mark.
But still, I press on, resilient and determined,
For in this world of bruises and wounds,
I find strength and purpose in my work.
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